In its capacity as a biotechnology network, the BBZ collaborates with academic and industrial partners in a diverse range of fields at the local, regional, national and international level, in order to strengthen Leipzig as a centre of science and business. BBZ members are involved in numerous networks and professional associations.

Interdisciplinary Role of the BBZ at Leipzig University

The BBZ promotes the networking of research within the University, while at the same time exploiting the interdisciplinary synergies that arise in the process. Thanks to the collaboration between groups involved in biotechnology in a life sciences network at Leipzig University, the Biotechnology Center at the TU Dresden and non-university research institutions, it has been possible to advance the excellent progress made in the field of biotechnology even further.

The scientific network was established to create a long-term basis for innovation, technology transfer and industrially oriented transfer projects focusing on products and applications.

enlarge the image: figure of Interface function of the BBZ - partners and cooperations
Interface function of the BBZ - partners and cooperations. Illustration: Leipzig University, BBZ

Further partners

btS – Biotechnolog. Studenten-Initiative e. V.

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Career Service

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Research Academy Leipzig

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