Research Profile

The wide-ranging research portfolio at the Centre includes current research and development priorities based on high-tech platforms. The focus is on health research, bioeconomy, materials research, environmental analysis and microsystems technology with aspects of digitisation.

Crystal structure of the 6-phosphofructokinase from Pichia pastoris

Research and Development Programme

Drugs and cells as products and instruments through specialisation, visualisation and miniaturisation.

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Professors and research group leaders from six faculties of the university are members of the Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine.

Multi-well multi-electrode array with working electrodes made of gold, counter electrodes made of platinum, and reference electrodes made of modified platinum for electrochemical assays


The membership structure comprises Leipzig University faculty research groups from various disciplines in the natural sciences, veterinary medicine and medicine.
Professors from six of the University’s faculties are members of the Centre.

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Technology Lines

Combining infrastructures and the expertise of BBZ scientists, established method and equipment pools provide a basis for interdisciplinary cooperation.

Preparation of an in-gel digestion.

Our Expertise

Our technology platforms are also available to other research groups and companies for cooperation and contract research.

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Section of TOF area mass spectrometer.
HighDense microelectrode array for real-time bioelectronic analysis of neural networks.
High-resolution confocal laser scanning microscope image of neurotoxic beta-Amyloyd fibrils on neuronal cells.

Supporting Early Career Researchers

The Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine attaches great importance to supporting early career researchers. Junior scientists are trained in cutting-edge technologies and methods and qualified for both industrial research and academic excellence.

Herstellung neuer Mikroelektroden-Arrays im Reinraum - Auftrag einer fotosensitiven Lackschicht für die Strukturierung

Early Career Researchers

Since it was founded, the BBZ has hosted some 27 postgraduate-led research groups. The Centre teaches young scientists leadership skills and how to conduct independent research.

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Partners and Cooperation

In its capacity as a biotechnology network, the BBZ collaborates with academic and industrial partners in a diverse range of fields at the local, regional, national and international level, in order to strengthen Leipzig as a centre of science and business.

Photo: Colourbox

The BBZ in Networks

The Centre for Biotechnology and Biomedicine (BBZ) is involved in numerous networks and professional associations.

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