Our research focus is in the field of bioanalytics and deals with protein analytical issues.

enlarge the image: Elektronenmikroskopie Aufnahme von 3 Escherichia coli Zellen nach Behandlung mit antimikrobiellen Peptid Api137
Elektronenmikroskopische Aufnahme von E. coli Zellen nach Behandlung mit antimikrobiellen Peptid, Foto: Universität Leipzig, BBZ, Bioanalytik

In the primarily biochemically and medically oriented research projects, targeted bioanalytical topics are addressed, new technologies developed and methods optimized.

enlarge the image: Agarplatte mit E. coli Bakterienkolonien
Agarkultur von E. coli Bakterien, Foto: Universität Leipzig, BBZ, Bioanalytik

In the field of antimicrobial peptides, we are working on the following main areas:

  • De novo sequencing
  • Identification of bacterial target proteins
  • Development of derived compounds for the treatment of resistant Gram-negative bacteria
  • Interaction with membranes
enlarge the image: Mikroskopische Aufnahme eines gefärbten Hirnschnitt zur Detektion modifizierter Proteinvarianten
Gefärbter Hirnschnitt zur Detektion modifizierter Proteinvarianten, Foto:Universität Leipzig, BBZ, Bioanalytik

With respect to the focus on post-translational modifications, we work on functional, structural and analytical aspects:

  • enzymatic modifications: Phosphorylation, methylation, glycosylation
  • non-enzymatic modifications: oxidation, glycation, glycoxidation
enlarge the image: Gewebeschnitt eines Mausgehirns auf Träger für MALDI Imaging
Gewebeschnitt auf Träger für MALDI Imaging, Foto: Universität Leipzig, BBZ, Bioanalytik

In the focus area of proteomics, we were able to establish both gel- and LC-MS-based methods in the various projects:

  • Luminescence techniques: time-resolved fluorescence, multiplexing, diagnostics
  • Highly sensitive diagnostics: fluorescence techniques, immuno-PCR
  • Separation methods: (multidimensional) chromatography, electrophoresis and capillary electrophoresis
enlarge the image: Robot-assisted peptide synthesis.
Roboterunterstützte Peptidsynthese, Foto: Universität Leipzig, BBZ, Bioanalytik

The following peptide synthesis strategies are established in our group:

  • Modified Peptides
  • Peptide active ingredients
  • Peptide/peptide and peptide/protein ligation

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