Research at the BBZ  

Research at the BBZ

Research at the BBZ

The centre’s research foci combine new methods and technologies at the interface of molecular genetics and cell biology with nanotechnology, biophysics, (nano)medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, bioinformatics and biomedical engineering. The multi-, trans- and interdisciplinary research teams with scientific excellence and expertise address current and forward-looking issues in the field of nanobiotechnology and biomedicine.

In recent years, innovations have been achieved through the establishment of technology platforms and research projects focusing on treatments and diagnostics, bioinstruments, biophysical testing and tissue engineering. New approaches are being developed not only in the traditional areas of biology, biochemistry, biophysics and bioinformatics, but also in the border areas of these classical disciplines. Scientists from various disciplines have investigated, for example, protein engineering for tumor therapy, the development of in vivo models of disease, biosensors for diagnostics and agent testing and the development of bioreactors for tissue and organ reconstruction.

In addition to exhibiting extensive expertise in red biotechnology and biomedicine, white biotechnology (biocatalysis) has been established as a second focus point. The expertise in Leipzig in protein engineering (protein expression, structure analysis, protein modification, bioanalytics, protein design) plays an important role as a binding element in the joint development of red and white biotechnology.

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